Macrocarpa and epoxy resin bar leaner made by Steve


Born out of a passion for decorative epoxy, Serenity Hill Designz was created by Steve after returning to NZ from living abroad.  In the USA, he ran a successful construction company for 35 years and the last 10 years he branched out into decorative epoxy flooring, countertops and bartops and soon found this became a passion. 

Steve completed several epoxy resin training courses in the USA learning the craft from many well known artisans and upon returning home to NZ he wanted to continue pursuing his passion for decorative epoxy and hand crafted wood products. 

He soon found that high quality, reasonably priced epoxy products were difficult to source in NZ.  As deep pour epoxy resins are extremely expensive, Steve wanted to source his own products as well as supplying other artisans at a reasonable price so they too can pursue their passions.  

After extensive research and trials he is now able to offer a wide range of high quality epoxy products sourced directly from the manufacturer.  He believes this epoxy is one of the most forgiving epoxies on the market with low heat build-up, extremely high clarity and amazing air release capabilities.

There is a number of epoxy resin products, powders dyes and liquids available in our online store and Steve is also available for any custom or commission work and create your dream piece of art.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on any of our epoxy products, please feel free to contact Steve at:  serenityhilldesignz@gmail.com


Steve Lee
Owner, Serenity Hill Designz