5 Top Tips to Mix & Pour Perfect Craft Resin

Craft resin is a synthetic material perfect for use in various art and craft projects such as jewellery, coasters, pyramids, cheese boards, modelling, bar tops and small castings.

Here's our top 5 tips on best practice when pouring craft resin:

  1. Keep your resin in a warm environment as cold resin is hard to mix and harder to get rid of the bubbles

  2. Warming Part A in a tub of warm water for 15 minutes will make mixing easier and aid in releasing bubbles (do not warm Part B as this can cause flash cures and unreliable results)

  3. Be careful to mix the correct ratio of resin (our craft resin is mixed by volume not weight)

  4. Keep your pouring environment at a constant temperature if possible. Resin does not like sudden changes in temperature or humidity (23 degrees celsius is a good temperature for curing our craft resin)

  5. Keep your pouring environment free from dust and contaminants eg hair, clothing

Our Serenity Hill Designz Craft Resin is the perfect place to start and with our Top Tips for pouring, you'll be creating amazing art pieces in no time.

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